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The CFL is a the new league, celebrated for crafting and showcasing elite softball tournaments across the country. Proudly partnered with Alliance FP, The CFL is devoted to offering unparalleled experiences for participants and fans alike, shaping a range of tournaments to cater to softball enthusiasts of all proficiency levels.

A distinguishing feature that sets The CFL apart from its peers is its unparalleled recruiting channels. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology powered by tagup, The CFL provides players with a unique platform to showcase their skills and aptitude to a wide array of college talent spotters. This presents a priceless platform for players aiming to enhance their softball trajectory and potentially secure scholarships, advancing both their scholastic and sports endeavors.

The CFL remains unwavering in its commitment to ensuring superior experiences for every participant. This includes the quality of the playing arenas, amenities, and the caliber of competing teams. Its tournaments are eagerly anticipated, attracting top-tier teams and players from all over, marking The CFL as the ultimate pick for any dedicated softball participant or enthusiast.

Whether you’re a player, coach, or a simple fan, The CFL emerges as the top spot for the country’s premier softball tournaments. Through their innovative tech integration, steadfast dedication to excellence, and fervor for curating memorable events, The CFL is paving the way for the future of softball tournaments.

CFL Juniors Fall Championship

 09/29/23 – 10/01/23
 Moore, OK
 Application Only 10u 12u

Top Club National Fall Invitational

 11/03/23 – 11/05/23
 Choctaw, OK
 Application Only 12u 14u 16u 18u

CFL Fall Championship

 11/10/23 – 11/12/23
 Broken Arrow, OK
 Application Only 12u 14u 16u 18u

2024 CFL Spring Championship

 04/05/24 – 04/07/24
 Mustang, OK
 Open 14u 16u 18u

Tulsa Elite Fall Invite

 10/20/23 – 10/22/23
 Bishop Park
 Application Only 16u 18u

2024 Tulsa Elite Summer Invite

 06/07/24 – 06/10/24
 Broken Arrow, OK
 Application Only 12u 14u 16u 18u

2024 Tulsa Elite Wilson Invite

 07/04/24 – 06/07/24
 Broken Arrow, OK
 Application Only 12u 14u 16u 18u

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