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Everything you need to manage your team

All the features, none of the cost


Get your game plan online

You know how important organization, preparation , and communication are as a coach, so we have tailored your coaching profile to cover all three of these bases with ease. With our software, you will be able to keep your teams schedule, roster, and video content up-to-date, organized, and in front of the eyes of recruiters across the nation. Add in a complete suite of features that facilitate website management, team messaging, and player promotion, and you have a game plan that is geared for success. Your tagup profile provides you with the perfect opportunity to turn two; enhance your coaching, and give your team an online presence that will maximize their exposure.

User Management Software

ALL the features you need to manage your softball season, with NONE of the cost. This one is on the house.

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Video Management Software

You don’t have to choose between high quality, time efficient, and cost effective video management. Get all three and more.

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Promotion Management Software

Promotion to match your devotion!  Tired of writing and sending emails to hundreds of schools?  tagupPMS is fully automated, and allows you to broadcast your profile and media with no limits.

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Website Management Software

Free with any paid subscription! Fill in your tagup registration, and we will fill up your website. ALL of your information and content updated to your site in real time.

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Why Choose Us


We understand the commitment, time and expense involved in running a team. We are not a tech company who decided to do softball. We are softball.


Consolidation of fragmented services,, scalability and efficiency allow us to offer the most cutting-edge tools that will drive the future growth of game of softball.


We are developing, re-tooling traditional stand-alone services, eliminating expense and time. In doing so, we can offer a far superior experience at a much lower cost.

Ease of Use

We have experience in all facets of the game, from a player, parent, coach and recruiting perspective. We understand the process, and how to make it work easily and efficiently.

Program Director Testimonials

“My team has been with tagup since day one, and it is now used by our entire club. Now the bandits have almost 2,000 games and playlists, nearly 50,000 plays, all on our website, which are dynamically updated through tagup. Our teams are managed with tagup, our communication... the list goes on. It is a 100% solution for the softball season.”
Bill Conroy, Program Director, Beverly Bandits
“When we started the Wildcats one area we wanted to emphasize was the online presence of our club. After watching one game on tagup, we were shocked. After looking at everything else they did, we were sold. It’s only been one year and I can say with confidence that as long as I’m in softball, my teams are going to be using tagup.”
Rob Weil, Program Director
“Our coaches, players, and parents put so much into the season and it’s amazing to have a company that is willing to match that energy. tagup is constantly adding features and improving their already excellent service. We have even had some of our ideas implemented into the software. They have become a staple in our season.”
Brian Green, Indiana Magic Gold
Program director

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